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  • 24th Floor
    HDS Business Centre
    Cluster M
    Jumeirah Lake Towers
    The United Arab Emirates
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our world

We arrived in the Middle East in 1998 and, since then, not only has digital media changed our consumption patterns beyond all recognition, but the Middle East has jumped a generation. At the time it seemed to need a long time to catch up, but an unseen benefit of a region not being engaged with old-fashioned technologies is the region skipped a step and swiftly morphed into being adopters of all that’s new. 60% of the population is now below 25-years old, the installed user base of mobile phones is the highest per capita anywhere in the world, and the region is leading the way for innovating messaging and experiences to a vast population of wealthy, tech-savvy and knowledgeable people.

A gender mix that many countries look to emulate across the business sector means the GCC region is rich with opportunities for smart companies looking to engage.

Combine this 20-year experience with our portfolio of major international blue-chips, and you’ve got a client services agency ahead of the pack. We’re small enough to focus on the client needs but experienced enough to know where we go to get the best services and prices.

Our world is clear, focused and shared with clients.

our people

We reflect the world as we experience it; Dubai is an 8-hour flight to 66% of the world’s population and has nearly 200-nationalities integrated into the country of the UAE. Our people reflect a cross-section of that ethnicity with European, African, Asian and Arabic (we know…strictly it’s Asia) backgrounds, but all with strong creative, technical and social media skills.

We are trusted by globally renowned brands and companies to operate their campaigns across the whole region and operate in fluently in English and Arabic.

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