Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now the world’s most powerful, effective and measurable form of advertising. It guarantees your campaigns reach the people most likely to engage with, and purchase, your products and services.

8 Point Media increases your click-through-rate by making sure your services are at the top when a potential client is conducting a Google search. With Google Adwords, you only pay for results.

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Social Media Marketing

Reaching the right audience through social media is totally cost effective and targeted with measurable results. But with so much available, it also needs a lot of work to monitor social media channels to ensure clients spend their valuable time focused on the business, and trusting 8 Point Media to deliver the campaigns on time, on budget and on message.

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Content Marketing

Content is King! It grows your brand and fosters relationships, adding the depth and visibility needed to be successful in today’s marketplace. With so many options to create high-quality content and a tailored marketing strategy, content marketing is a perfect fit for virtually every business in every industry.

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Advertising Consultancy

Our Marketing Strategy tools, built over 20-years experience, establish the most effective way to market your Brand and implement it across multi-platform marketing.

Our clients build accurate prospects and client data on a foundation of strong creative treatments, detailed campaign management and long-experience of media, marketing and the middle east.

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Media Planning and Buying

Starting with taking a detailed brief to understand your objectives and goals, we create an effective strategy based on your target audience. Then, together, we determine the appropriate marketing mix to maximize effectiveness, deliver flexible active campaigns to ensure the best results and constantly monitor results, tactically moving to follow the best routes.

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Web Development

Your website is as essential to a business as funding, staff, and clients. We live online, and the first impressions with a potential client is most often a company website. We help clients develop their sites, becoming cleaner and reflecting the company’s brand image. We work with some of the world’s leading brands on their sites in the Middle East, and have done so for years. Clients trust 8 Point Media as a trusted partner, and with good reason.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile App makes an important role in a business growth, we can create and develop, mobile ready website in combination with your existing internet presence or as a standalone product developed specifically to focus on mobile audiences (iOS & Android).

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Search Engine Optimization

It’s not often that a company name becomes a verb, but Google quickly achieved that place in history and the first thing anyone does is look for your business through Google. We’re a Google certified agency, so have to achieve Google benchmarks to ensure every aspect of your website is optimised. We work with you to ensure yours will be the first brand a customer sees when entering a search query.

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